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Raptors Enthrall All

Over 400 people were captivated by beautiful raptors on November 4, 2023, when the Friends of Dyke Marsh and the National Park Service hosted Secret Gardens Birds and Bees at Fort Hunt Park’s Pavilion A.

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Reptiles and Amphibians, Focus of Meeting

On October 25, 2023, naturalist Alonso Abugattas gave a presentation on the reptiles and amphibians of Northern Virginia at a meeting of 85 FODM members and friends.

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Fall Leaves Brighten Dyke Marsh

Dyke Marsh was aflame in color on October 23, 2023, for the annual fall colors walk sponsored by the Friends of Dyke Marsh and the Potowmack Chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society (VNPS).

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Future Engineers Study Dyke Marsh Restoration

Students paddling around sills and breakwater structures

On September 20, 2023, 40 students from Catholic University’s School of Engineering visited Dyke Marsh to learn about the breakwater and sills completed in 2022 to stabilize and restore Dyke Marsh.  

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Photographs from FODM Members and Friends Featured in the Virginia Wildlife Annual Photography Showcase

Congratulations to three FODM members or friends whose photographs were selected for the 2023 Virginia Wildlife magazine’s annual photography showcase.

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Late Summer, Early Fall Bring Blooms

Several native flowering plants stand out in Dyke Marsh in late summer and early fall.

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FODM Hosted a Bat Walk and Talk

On a sultry August 20, 2023, evening, an enthusiastic group of ten joined FODM board member Deborah Hammer to learn about the bats of Dyke Marsh.

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Local Bird Watcher and FODMer Observe a Bald Eagle Fight in the Marsh

[Photo] Bald eagle attacks eagle in the water.

On July 14, 2023, Julia Tanner was bird watching with her camera in Dyke Marsh and came upon a pair of bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) appearing to fight. Julia recorded the struggle and shared her photos with the Friends of Dyke Marsh. Thank you, Julia.

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Connecting in the Community

On June 17, 2023, the Friends of Dyke Marsh participated in the annual Gum Springs Community Day/Juneteenth Festival, this year celebrating 190 years since the community’s founding by West Ford.

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FODM Receives Tree Planting Grant

The Friends of Dyke Marsh have received a grant of $3,250 to plant trees in the marsh to replace some of the pumpkin ash trees (Fraxinus profunda) that are dying because of the invasive emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis).

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The 25th Mason Neck Eagle Festival

On May 13, 2023, FODM volunteers participated in the 25th Mason Neck State Park Eagle Festival, sponsored by a “sister” group, the Friends of Mason Neck State Park.

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Nature Enthralls

Dyke Marsh had some “major attractions” in late spring 2023.  

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