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Membership in the Friends of Dyke Marsh is $15 a year per household or $250 for an individual life membership. You can sign up or renew for one or more years. Members will receive reminders to renew via email or postcard. Just click on the button at right to renew online. Or, scroll down and follow the instructions for Membership by mail. Of course, you could also contribute a little more to help us preserve and restore Dyke Marsh. Thank you.

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Dr. Edd Barrows leads a group of students in study along Haul Road in Dyke Marsh. Photo by Robert Smith.  

Membership and Donations by Mail:

Please send us your membership dues along with your name, address, phone number and email address. Our quarterly newsletter, The Marsh Wren, will soon arrive by email in  *.pdf  format. Those who do not provide an email address will receive a paper copy in the mail.

Friends of Dyke Marsh
P.O. Box 7183
Alexandria, VA 22307-7183

$15.00 / Household - One Year Membership
$250 - Individual Lifetime Membership
Tax Deductible

Additional contributions to help defray FODM's operating costs and to support special programs are welcome.

FODM Officers Elected at 2015 Annual Meeting

     At the February 22 meeting, our annual membership meeting, FODM members elected all officers and members of our Board of Directors for 2015 for a one-year term.
     The officers elected are as follows: President, Glenda Booth; Vice President, Ned Stone; Secretary/Editor, Dorothy McManus; Treasurer, Robert Smith. Directors - Larry Cartwright, Kurt Gaskill, Trudi Bellardo Hahn, John Perry, Patricia Salamone, Jessica Strother, Bob Veltkamp, Katherine Ennis Wychulis. Past President, Ed Eder, and Alex Romero, Superintendent of the George Washington Memorial Parkway, National Park Service, are ex officio members of the Board.
     FODM sent every member a proxy form for establishing a quorum and voting at the meeting in the February newsletter. The FODM officers appreciate the kind support of all the FODM members.


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Dyke Marsh Plant - Spatterdock

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