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Welcome! Please tell us what you think about our organization, field
trips, web site, or other issues you think we should know about.

Email your comments to:

Or write to us at:

Friends of Dyke Marsh
P.O. Box 7183
Alexandria, VA 22307-7183

$15.00 /calendar year
$250 Individual Lifetime Membership
Tax Deductible

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Board of Directors

President - Glenda Booth: 703 765-5233,
Vice President - Ned Stone: 703 768-5441,
Secretary - Dorothy McManus (Marsh Wren): 703 960-3643,
Treasurer - Robert Smith: 703 684-7041,

Board Members:
Ed Eder (Past President): 703 360-7994,
Kurt Gaskill (Bird Walks): 703 768-2172,
Bob Veltkamp (Membership): 703 768-1650,
John Perry: 703 329-1646,
Larry Cartwright (Breeding Bird Survey): 703 941-3142,
Pat Salamone: 703-329-1748,
Trudi Hahn: 703-683-9009,
Jessica Strother: 703-323-5278,
Katherine Wychulis: 703-243-3115,

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Dyke Marsh Plant - Spatterdock

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